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Our aim is provide our community with a fast medical response 

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Review of 2019

During 2019 our Responders volunteered on call for a record 11,509 hours. This also includes a monthly high for December of 1620 hours. What a fantastic commitment! We have managed to arrive on scene within a few minutes of the 999 calls. The average waiting time for a Double Staffed Ambulance to arrive after one of our Responders, reduced from 28 minutes in 2018 to 21 minutes in 2019, although the longest waiting time was still more than 2 hours.

The group has been up-skilled by EEAST to attend Falls incidents and with funds raised over the last couple of months we have four Raizer 2, lifting chairs in operation already. We are looking forward to further skills enhancement in 2020. Welcome to the new volunteers for training this year and we look forward to them joining the group. We have continued to offer help outside our normal geographical area of operation when no other ambulance assets or First Responders are available.

Thank you to everyone who has donated individually, as well as councils and grunt funding bodies. Thanks also to the staff and crews. The data analysis for the full year is shown below.

Tim Thirst; Group Coordinator

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Who Are We ?

We are a group of volunteers who respond to emergency calls in the area where we live or work on behalf of the East of England Ambulance Service. Our aim is to reach a potential life threatening emergency in the first vital minutes before the Ambulance crew arrive on scene.

Community First Responders are dispatched to the patient by Ambulance Control to an area where the ambulance cannot realistically reach the collapsed patient within the first 8 minutes. Our purpose is to try to make a difference in our community, helping to stabilise the collapsed patient and, in doing so, help to keep the patient alive until the arrival of the more highly skilled Ambulance crew, who are trained to undertake further life saving techniques.

If the Ambulance Service can send a Community First Responder who is trained in basic life support, the use of a defibrillator and in administering oxygen to the collapsed patient within three to four minutes, the patientís chances of survival will increase by 10% for every minute that the Community First Responder is there prior to the arrival of the Ambulance crew.


One of our First Responders, Dr. Tim Thirst, is a business efficiency consultant who has worked with the emergency services for thirty years. As a result of poor ambulance response times which became apparent in 2010 he was asked by Norman Lamb MP to prepare a report which is entitled "Best Practice in the use of First Responders in the UK". 

Dr. Anthony Marsh, CEO of the West Midlands Ambulance Service, was asked by the Department of Health, to review the operation of the East of England Ambulance Service. In his report he endorsed the recommendations by Dr. Thirst and encouraged its full implementation. 

The report can be read here: "Best Practice in the use of First Responders in the UK"

If you would like to train as a First Responder, please email us your details, or ring Tim on 07836-744844 and we will give you more information.

The Stalham & Smallburgh Group cover the seaside villages of Bacton, Walcott, Happisburgh, Eccles, Sea Palling, Waxham & Horsey; the inland villages of Hempstead, Ingham, Lessingham, East Ruston, Ridlington, Witton, Crostwight, Honing, Worstead, Smallburgh, Swanton Abbot, Tunstead, Beeston and Ashmanhaugh; as well as the Norfolk Broads villages of Hickling, Catfield, Potter Heigham, Sutton, Dilham, Wayford, Irstead, Neatishead, Barton Turf and the town of Stalham. 

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We receive no funding from the ambulance service. 
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