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The Recovery Position

Video Courtesy of British Red Cross



To check if the person is conscious, try to get a response by gently tapping their shoulders and calling their name. If there is no response:

diagram of checking airway

1. Open the airway by placing one hand on their forehead and gently tilting the head back and lifting the chin. Remove any visible obstructions from the mouth and nose.

checking breathing on an adult with an open airway

2. Check breathing by looking, listening and feeling for breathing on your cheek for up to ten seconds. If they are not breathing normally, resuscitate.  If they are breathing, treat any life-threatening injuries and put them in the recovery position.

Recovery position

This is the best position for a casualty who is unconscious and breathing.

If the casualty is unconscious but breathing, place them on their side in the recovery position.

woman with one hand under man's furthest knee and other under head

1. Place arm nearest you at a right angle.

woman with one hand on man's left elbow and other on wrist

2. Move the other arm, as shown, with the back of their hand against their cheek. Then get hold of the knee furthest from you and pull up until foot is flat on the floor.

cartoon of man being put into recovery position

3. Pull the knee towards you, keeping the personís hand pressed against their cheek, and position the leg at a right angle.

man lying in recovery position

4. Make sure that the airway remains open by tilting the head back and lifting the chin. Check breathing.

5. Monitor the casualtyís condition until help arrives.

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