Review of 2017

As we collate our December figures we can now compare 2017 with 2016.
Average waiting time for a Double Staffed Ambulance to arrive after our First Responders, increased this month to 28 minutes.
The strain on the ambulance service was particularly noticeable during the Christmas/New Year period, with ambulances queued outside hospitals, unable to unload patients and therefore unable to respond to further calls.
We were able to offer help outside our normal geographical area of operation when no other ambulance assets were available.
Our total attendance figures compared with 2016 are up by 405%, attending 539 calls this year against last years total of 133.
All of this is due to our fantastic volunteers. In 2017 we were joined by three new responders. They have become a valuable asset to the team.
During the year we have also given CPR and First Aid training at schools and events. This has helped to increase public awareness of the work of an Ambulance First Responder.
Most people did not realize we are volunteers and even more were shocked to find that we are self-funding.
In October we were shocked to be told that we were no longer being sent to children under the age of 8. The justification for this was said to bring the East of England Ambulance Service in line with the National Framework of other Ambulance services in the country.
On investigation this has proved not to be the case and in fact in England - but also in Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and Eire - East of England Ambulance Service is the only one to have removed paediatric cover from First Responders. Indeed some Ambulance areas that did not have paediatric training in place for their Responders are now introducing it. The CQC, NHS and Members of Parliament for the East of England are investigating and we hope that this change will be overturned soon, for the sake of the children and their families.
Thank you to all our supporters. Tim Thirst. Group Coordinator.

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