Review of 2018

During 2018 our Responders were on call for 8528 hours. It has been a difficult year as we have not been able to bring on line new Responders due to problems with the training program. With those new Responders on line we would have been able to increase our standby hours dramatically. Although this has meant we have less Responders available than last year, the team has still managed to provide the same level of cover. They all do a fantastic job. We have managed to arrive on scene within a few minutes of the 999 calls. However the average waiting time for a Double Staffed Ambulance to arrive after one of our First Responders, rose to 28 minutes, and the longest waiting times increased again to more than 2 hours. We have continued to offer help outside our normal geographical area of operation when no other ambulance assets or First Responders are available. Paediatric calls were reinstated in the East of England Ambulance Service during the last half of 2018 after intervention by the Association of Ambulance First Responders [AAFR]. Thank you to everyone who has supported us so well during the year and to the staff and crews. The data analysis for the full year is shown below.

Tim Thirst. Group Coordinator.

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